Economic Climate Dependent on Mother Nature’s Climate

Economic Climate Dependent on Mother Nature's Climate_-8038565601579348967

“It’s very hard to makea living when you’re dependent on weather.”

            It’s hard to tell today but the unseasonably mild wintertook a toll on businesses in the tourist driven town of old forge. Visitors tothe Adirondack hamlet were sparse this winter affecting business and some feelit’s hard to bounce back during the summer months.

                Business owner Chip Kiefer says, “I don’t thinkbeing in a resort community you ever really can make up one season withanother. You can help supplement a season. I think most businesses that are ina resort community are in it for the long hall so you’re going to have badwinters, you’re going to have bad summers, bad springs, you just don’t hopethey don’t all come together.”

                Third year business owner Danielle Hoepfl says, “It’s going tobe a long lasting effect, we may eventually catch up, but I think it’s going tobe drawn out. It’s not going to be fixed within a months’ time it may take ayear to fix it depending on weather and business.”

                Ina tourist driven town Mother Nature plays a key role in the economic climateand business owners here hope she delivers two things.

                Twenty-three year motel owner Steve Hoepfl says, “Hot, dry. Ourclientele base for the most part you know is from the cities, from south of us.So, when it’s hot and dry they want to get out of the heat they come uphere.”

            Owners agree, business has picked up this summer but withan economic climate dependent on Mother Nature’s climate, things could changein a heartbeat.

            Steven Hoepfl added, “If we start getting liquidprecipitation, you don’t want to say that “R” word you know. If youget a week of that it can wash out a phenomenal month, instantly.”

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