Downtown hospital repurposing report: Plans for St. Luke, St. Elizabeth and Faxton


UTICA N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — This morning members from the Mohawk Valley Health System announced their findings from their hospital repurposing report. This includes plans for the three main campuses at St. Luke’s, St. Elizabeth and Faxton. Last February, MVHS partnered with CHA, an engineering consulting firm, to conduct an evaluation on repurposing the MVHS facilities.

The study was based on five key factors:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Zoning analysis
  • Hazardous material assessment
  • Preliminary conditions assessment
  • Redevelopment scenario analysis

They also consulted local businesses and residents within a half of mile of the facilites, and elected officials to determine the community’s thoughts on possible re-uses.

“The results of that repurposing study clearly reflect the comments of the local community, neighbors to the hospital, businesses and local electives. So, our plans moving forward is to take that information, prepare a plan to sell the facilities. . . and occupy them in a way that we will not only fulfill those requests during those meetings, but also benefit the neighborhoods, add some new businesses to the community and then make some good use for some buildings that are no longer being used by MVHS.” – Executive Vice President of Real Estate and Facilities, Mohawk Valley Health System

At St. Elizabeth, everything in the college of nursing building would remain, with the parking garage and other buildings up for sale. The new space could be used as housing, offices, or small retail businesses. At St. Luke’s, the long-term care facility and its parking lot will remain but the rest of the campus is available for re-use. Its best re-use could be for educational purposes, due to its location to the nearby colleges. Faxton will remain completely owned and operated by MVHS. Possible plans include renovations and relocating some office spaces to the downtown location.

“We will be sharing the details of that with the local development agencies like Mohawk Valley Edge, the city and the county. Having them have access to that information so they can also help market those facilites. So, as they are in contact with businesses and other entities are looking to either relocate to the Mohawk Valley or expand within the Mohawk Valley, they would have that information available to them.” – Executive Vice President of Real Estate and Facilities, Mohawk Valley Health System

Then, CHA will conduct an environmental testing of the facilities and create a final appraisal for each property.

“Over the course of the next few weeks we will finalize the document, make that available for developers and for people who are marketing the facilities, and hopefully we will have some information shortly for people who might be interested.” – Executive Vice President of Real Estate and Facilities, Mohawk Valley Health System

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