NEW YORK (PIX11) — Dogs in New York are the most spoiled in the entire United States, according to a report by Forbes Advisor.

Forbes Advisor analyzed nine key metrics of over 5,000 dog owners and found that New York bests all other states when it comes to spoiling their fur babies.

Findings showed that 40% of New Yorkers have spent more on their dog than on their significant others. In addition, 55% of New Yorkers have spent more on their dog’s health and grooming than on their own.

The report also detailed the top forms of spoiling.

  • Nearly one-third of all the respondents have spent more money spoiling their dogs compared to their significant others.
  • Buying outfits and accessories was noted to be the most popular form of spoiling, with over 45% of respondents doing so.
  • Buying special dog treats in restaurants is also a top form of spoiling, ringing true to over 37% of respondents.

The next top states on the list following New York are California, Washington, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. On the other hand, South Dakota has the least spoiled dogs in the country. 

The full report by Forbes Advisor can be found here.