DNA Experts Take the Stand: Conley Trial

It was the shortest day we've seen so far but packed with a ton of evidence. One piece disconnecting a Yoder while connecting Conley to the fatal drug.

Microscopic strands of evidence, may carry a very large role. DNA experts taking the witness stand today explaining how the anonymously submitted letters and the evidence connected to the fatal dosage of colchicine do not add up and Adam Yoder's finger prints- not found.

"Adam Yoder is excluded as a DNA contributor obtained from the vial"- and how about William Yoder?
"The mixture DNA of obtained from the vial is at least 115 times more likely if it originated from three unknown unrelated individuals than if it orig anted from William Yoder and two unrelated individuals this likelihood ratio is inconclusive result based on labs--therefore no conclusion that be determined if William Yoder is a contributor in DNA obtained."

The annalist who spent hours going through those letters walking the court through the process of learning their true author.

"The partial DNA profile from the stamp from the coroners office matched the DNA profile consistent with the DNA profile of Kaitlyn Conley."
"Is there a stat that goes along with that?"
"Yes I did generate a stat to the match to the evidence item and the probability of matching the partial profile was one in 395 million."

And that DNA on the  stamp isn't the only tie to the defendant.  Her DNA found on another piece of crucial evidence.  The wrapper holding the colchicine in Adam Yoder's jeep

"There again was a major contributor on the outside of the cardboard wrapper-someone that I could pick out of every location and the major contributor was Kaitlyn Conley."

Court is back again tomorrow.  Judge Dwyer telling us it'll be a long day.

Reporter Nicole Todd will be tweeting again live updates from the courtroom at @NicoleTodd_WUTR

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