DMV Offices Losing Revenues


The New York State DMV reports a record number of transactions were done online last year. But by skipping a visit to the DMV, areas like Oneida County have taken a hit to their yearly revenue. Eyewitness News spoke with the Oneida County Clerk on what solutions may be available to make up for the lost yearly income. 

Over the past ten years, Oneida County Clerk Sandra DePerno has seen the shift to online transactions through the DMV. As more and more services have been added, less revenue has been received by the county.

DePerno adds, “Of course it’s convenient people are going to go online. Well it’s hurting our local economy and it’s hurting our local dmv offices.” 
DMV revenue has dropped significantly through online transactions, in 2015, over $34,000 dollars in revenue was accumulated online. Oneida County is also losing more and more of their dealer work. By partnering with the New York State Dealers Association, the State takes away that revenue as well. 
“But some of the Counties in New York State rely heavily upon their dealer work. And because of it, I foresee a large number of offices closing because of it.” 

Under current conditions the State DMV has to hit a threshold of $1.8 million dollars before the County begins to receive 2.5 percent of each online transaction. DePerno says she hopes to work with the County Legislature to raise the revenue percentage in order to keep more offices open. 

“If we can get legislation passed to get rid of the County threshold, or raise the percentage that we get through the online, the 2 and a half percent. It used to be 4 and a half percent. All the money that goes into the dmv goes into the county budget. Which is used for snowplowing, your road services. Your parks, your libraries. Keep your taxes low, use your local DMV. Use 321 Main Street.”
DePerno asks that those who mail their orders, should address them to the Main Street location and not the State Office Building. 
By doing so, the County can then receive the 12-point-7 percent of each transaction.

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