Discussions continue in regards to Utica’s City Comptroller position

Discussions continue in regards to Utica's City Comptroller position_8030922842669665071

The proposal to make the City Comptroller position an appointed one, rather than one elected by Utica Councilman Joe Marino is continuing to spark conversation.

Utica Comptroller, Michael Cerminaro says he’s received many phone calls from the people of Utica who say they want the option of electing their own comptroller.

On Tuesday night, the council continued the talks of the proposal, but Councilman Marino says this isn’t a proposal he is taking lightly, and it’s something that he says deserves more discussion.

Along with making it an appointed position, Marino says he also wants to put qualifications on the position.

“I would like to see at least a CPA, or 6 years finance experience with an advanced college degree. That’s the way I would like to see it, but going through committee, maybe there’s alternative ideas and someone has a better plan for the qualifications of it,” said Marino.

“The comptroller of the State of New York has a degree in history. What qualifications? How about qualifications of running your own business like we’ve had. The Common Council has a specific function, the comptroller’s office has a specific function, and it can not be holding to anybody but the people of the city of Utica,” said Comptroller, Michael Cerminaro.

Councilman Marino says the Government and Education Committee along with the Finance Committee plan to schedule a meeting to continue the discussion next week.

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