Designing an ER, New Concepts for the Downtown Hospital


As the downtown Utica hospital project moves ahead, doctors, nurses and architects have been busy designing it. It is their hope to make the new facility not only state of the art but efficient for staff and patients. Today staff members gathered to collaborate on a design.

“Everybody who is in the emergency department is pretty much meeting once a month to kind of discuss everything that’s going on what we need how to make the processes better for our families and patients,” said emergency department nurse manager Diane Scranton.

This is they’d created a three 3-D mock-up using sticky notes to specify what they need for their patients and the doctors.
“They are kind of laying it out how best to work for the physicians how it best works for the families,  how it best works for the nurses so we’re kind of using sticky notes to place you know oxygen, the sink, the television you know everything that’s in a treatment room so that it works the best for everybody involved,” said Scranton.

Janet Susi, who’s part of the NBBJ architectural firm hired to design the hospital said they do this with every single group of specialty within the hospital.

“One of the things we’ve really tried to focus on is bringing best practices and what we know are industry standards that are successful and that work for other clients,” said Susi.
NBBJ has designed hospitals all over the country and their biggest focus is efficiency in every sector. One concept they’re leaning towards is developing the emergency room on the State Street side as it will allow easy access for EMS arrival.
“It gives great access for trauma for any kind of patients coming in via helicopter it gives really great connection to parking and its something that’s really well thought out and collaborative approach to the site.”

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