Demolition Talks on Bleecker St.

Demolition Talks on Bleecker St._-8551341527730008827

$300,000. That’s how much it’s going to roughly cost to demolish a property on Bleecker St.

According to Utica Councilman, Frank Vescera, he says right now the money is coming from taxpayers.

Because of that, Vescera says he is asking to put a temporary halt on the payment process.

He says he’s also asking for a $5.5 million state grant to be used by the city for the demolition.

“I want the building to be knocked down, I want it to be knocked down expeditiously as possible, and I want it to be done with the correct money,” said Councilman Vescera.

“A number of years ago, the city’s Legislative Representatives and the Governor at the time committed $5.5 million  to the city of Utica to address downtown parking. That money is still available, and the city is in the process of working through Mayor Palmieri to develop a plan for how those funds are to be used,” said Brian Thomas with the Urban Renewal Agency.

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