Judge Delconte Orders the Recount of over 1,000 Affidavit Ballots


In his ruling earlier today, DelConte said that unless proven otherwise, all of the voters in question were registered as soon as it was submitted. DelConte also accused both Anthony Brindisi and Claudia Tenney’s legal team of acting in their own best interests.

Last week Brindisi’s legal team was fighting for only 69 out of the 1,797 affidavit ballots to be recounted. This would have contested that those voters had timely filed their registration applications through the DMV, therefore it was the Board of Elections Fault who failed to complete the registration process.

Delconte accused Brindisi’s team of only wanting those specific 69 Ballots to count because it would make up the vote tally deficit he currently has.

Tenney’s team argued that the court has no jurisdiction to rule on the affidavit ballots. DelConte responded by saving Tenney’s team was arguing this so she could maintain her narrow lead.

The Oneida County Board of Elections has until January 27th at 6:00pm to report the results of the correction of errors.

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