Day 3: Ingersoll admits to having sex with Bennett in taped interview with investigators

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More witness testimony was heard today in the Craig Ingersolltrial. He’s the Utica man accused of killing Jennifer Bennett back in Januaryof 2007.

DNA analysts went on the stand explaining how they created DNAprofiles for the evidence found on the victim’s body.

But, the most compelling piece of evidence would be aninterview taped between investigators and Ingersoll.

Witness testimony revealed that Ingersoll lived on Utica Roadback in January of 2007 not too far from the Deerfield Fire House where JenniferBennett’s body was found.

The jury also learned that the suspect did hang around thatfire house, saying he was friends with some of them.

David Nowakowski,  aninvestigator of the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office was assigned to interview Ingersollwhen officials learned that a hair found on Jennifer’s back matched that of Ingersoll’sDNA.

Ingersoll was currently serving time at the Oneida County Jailfor unrelated charges of Grand Larceny.

When investigators asked if Ingersoll knew Jennifer he sayshe recognized her from the media, but didn’t know her.

And when asked what should happen to the person that didthis to Jennifer, Ingersoll said that person should go to jail.

“I can prove 100 percent that you’re the last personwith Jennifer Bennett when she was alive and left her with her pants down,”said an investigator during the taped interview.

Ingersoll’s story quickly changed after that. He respondedby saying he didn’t know where to start with the investigators.

He says he picked up Jennifer where he used to live in West Uticaand had sex with her in his truck.

At some point Ingersoll said Bennett passed out and then hesaid he panicked.

“I took her out of the truck and I didn’t know what todo,” said Ingersoll during the taped interview.

Later during the interview Ingersoll admitted in the videoto putting his hands on her neck to hold her down so he could have sex with herwhen she didn’t want to.

There is one more witness to take the stand tomorrow.

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