Dan Lamb Calls for Compromise

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The Houseof Representatives will vote this week on extending the Bush Tax Cuts. Today, democratic candidate for the twenty-secondcongressional seat, Dan Lamb weighed in on the debate. Lamb says it’s time forboth parties to compromise. He says meeting in the middle will give peopleconfidence that government is working.

            Lambsays, “I think it gives them a little bit, a sense of hopelessness thatthis country is ever going to pay attention to their needs we like to believethat our system of government can deliver. Most American if not 99% love thiscountry, love its founding principles, love its potential and they seesomething now that doesn’t reflect that.”

Lamb isrunning against incumbent Rep. Richard Hanna. Representative Hanna respondedtoday saying the best way to energize the economy is to put money in the handsof the people who earn it and spend it. He says that’s why this week, he willvote to extend tax relief for middle class New Yorkers and businesses in CentralNew York.

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