Cuomo Says Schools Okay To Open In Fall


Not A Clear Green Light

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Friday that, by the state’s previously stated metrics, all school districts in the state have met the standard to reopen in the fall. However, there was no clear green light to reopen. Cuomo noted that the final say would come from the state’s Department of Health, who will review each district’s reopening plan. The Governor said that the Department of Health would begin to notify districts starting Monday.

Cuomo said that, after being notified by Health Department, each school district will need to address their plan with their parents and teachers. The Governor said that each district must conduct three listening sessions with parents by August 21, 2020 and one listening session with teachers in each district, by that date.

There are 749 school districts in the state and Cuomo said that all but 177 had submitted valid plans. 50 districts had submitted, what the Governor said were, incomplete plans. 127 school districts had not submitted plans at all.

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