Crime Victim Speaks of Importance of Expanding DNA Databank

Crime Victim Speaks of Importance of Expanding DNA Databank_-2410726238737448921

“I wouldn’t have had furtherpressure on me to solve it. It was enough to go through,” says green, “I didn’tget it right therefore the case was not a quick and speedy kind of thing.”

Because of incidences like this, GovernorCuomo has proposed a requirement that DNA samples be collected from anyoneconvicted of all types of crimes, not just serious ones.

“Often in very violent felonyconvictions people were arrested and convicted on an average of almost two or threetimes of lower level offenses,” says Lieutenant governor robert duffy

Duffy joined Oneida County DistrictAttorney Scott McNamara today to discuss this proposed legislation.  He says DNA evidence has helped prosecutorssolve nearly 3,000 crimes in New York, and exonerated people as well. 

“When Linda Turner was killed in November,it all bubbled right back up and I thought, who’s gonna have her voice? We needto speak of this. We need to do whatever we can to make sure this doesn’thappen again,” says Green

The Governor’s proposal has alreadypassed in the senate, and if it passes in the assembly, it’ll go into effect inOctober of 2012.

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