Crime Prevention Unit assembled to combat shootings


UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – The gun violence in the City of Utica is still a major issue but now we are seeing more shootings take place during the day around civilians.

“So the Crime Prevention Unit schedule will primarily be a nighttime schedule working what we call our c-line. However, they are very malleable in the fact that if shootings arise during the day, if there’s issues during the day, if there’s things kind of day time or off schedules hours, they can certainly respond at any point to deal with those high critical issues. They’re certainly going to be a nice compliment to our investigations. They’re going to have the initial street intelligence, the contacts and the individuals that we need to speak to during these high profile incidents.” -Sgt. Michael Curley, Utica Police Department

An Oneida County Sheriff’s Officer also rides along with a member from this task force, “They certainly are an added compliment and an added help to put our man power to good use. You know we certainly love our partnership with the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office as well as the state police and any kind of outside agency that may help us with our gun violence problem.”

The the age range for the individuals responsible for these shootings have shifted to as young as 16- years-old. Curley says they are trying to find an avenue to combat this.

“We have our street outreach team with Patrick Johnson. We have other avenues with our focus deterrence program through GIVE (Gun Involved Violence Elimination). We’re seeing other avenues that we can get this younger demographic away from shooting and trying to get them into job placement, into educational placement and home placement and things of that nature so that gun violence isn’t there way out of the system.

If you have information regarding the shooting please contact the Major Crimes Unit at 315-223- 3556.

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