Crestwood Golf Club Making a Comeback

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It was first established in19-55.  Now, the Crestwood Golf Club is making a comeback.

New owners Barb and Steve Nacewiczwere members of the Crestwood Golf Club in the late 80s and early 90s when itwas in the hands of the previous owners.

“Barb and I had walked many roundsof golf, and that’s where I cultivated my golfing skills at Crestwood…Itinspired me to pursue golf as a profession–so I turned professional in1992.”

Steve then was hired by TeugegaCountry Club in Rome as their PGA head professional.  Now, he and his wife, and their parents, arethe proud owners of Crestwood Golf Club, which they officially bought in thefall of 2011.  “Barb and I looked atthis as an opportunity to come to our roots where it all began.”

Steve says their business model-the PGAway–is key to the revitalization of the club.

“The PGA way is customer service,care of the golf course, definitely a controlled environment for agronomy,”says Steve, “You know our niche is bringing in the private club experiences toa semi-private atmosphere you know at reasonable prices….It’s a verybeautiful golf course, it’s tree lined, so we’re opening airways to get betterturf quality situations out there for our players; we’ve brought in a brand new2012 cart fleet.”

Food and beverage will also be offeredat the club.  They’ve been busy at workingrevamping the club, and Steve says Mother Nature has been treating themkindly.  They say they have plans to openfor golf the weekend of March 17th.

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