Crazy Otto’s Classic Burger

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As RayKroc, the creator of McDonald’s once said, “it requires a certain kind ofmind to see beauty in a hamburger bun.” but that’s just what people see atCrazy Otto’s Empire Dinner in Herkimer. Crazy Otto’s was recently voted one ofthe best burger’s in New York and this burger is as vintage as the restaurantit’s made in. Owner Scott Tranter says, “When they called she was verysurprised that we won with just a cheeseburger. I said ‘well we have a verygood cheeseburger.’ You know if you want a classic burger at a classicrestaurant this is where to come.”

And CrazyOtto’s draws crowds from all across the state include some from the Albanyarea. Bill Clarke says,”I’m a burger guy and Burger King across the street doesn’t cut it. It’shuge and it taste’s really good too.” And John “Sparky” Emrich added, “Ihave 3 or 4 of these things a week, it’s the best I’ve had. The food here isthe greatest, it’s not just the burger it’s everything. But the burger is…the flavor of that burger is I don’t know.”

Like anygood chef, Scott has his secret recipe but the historic kitchen may havesomething to do with the flavor of the burger. “It’s a 1952 Mountain View Dinerthat was manufactured in New Jersey and it was the most modern kitchen in allof Upstate at one time.”

            Now that Crazy Otto’s has been recognized on a regionallevel it’s time to go head to head with other regional champs. “So now webeing the winner of region number 4, we go against the other regions now forthe overall best burger in the state.”

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