Craig Ingersoll sentenced in 2007 death of Jennifer Bennett

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It is 25 years to life in prison for the Utica man found guilty of killing Jennifer Bennett back in 2007.

In November 2012, a jury found Craig Ingersoll guilty ofsecond degree murder and criminal sexual act in the first degree.

The victim’s mother Denise Saunders had a message for herdaughter’s killer and she didn’t hold back her feelings. She started off bydemanding Ingersoll’s full attention this morning in court.

“You are repulsive, squatty, nasty and vile thing,”said Saunders of Ingersoll.

Saunders says she and her family were waiting for the day Jenniferwould turn her life around and be the mother she wanted to be to her children.

But, she says Ingersoll took that chance away. Back in January2007, Jennifer Bennett’s body was found behind the Deerfield Fire Department.

Police looked for her killer over the years and it wasthrough DNA evidence that made this murder case.

“We miss her smiles and her freshness. And it’s not right.Her children… Do you even care to know what this has done to them,”questioned Saunders.

Bennett’s 16-year-old son, Justin, sat in the courtroom forthe first time. He says he saw an evil man, a man he can’t forgive.

“She was the only one that actually visited me, ratherthan my father and always would be there even if she was on drugs,” said JustinBennett.

Ingersoll faces up to 25 years to life. He apologized incourt this morning, but maintains his innocence.

He says he had sex with Jennifer, but he was never at the Deerfieldfire house.

And statements he made to investigators, his so-calledconfession, he says he was under the influence when he spoke with police.

“Do you think we are fools that we are going to believesomething like that? To stand here and claim you weren’t there at the firehall, the ole DNA got you Mr. Ingersoll,” said Judge Barry Donalty.

Jennifer’s family says they are coping one day at a time.And Jennifer’s son, he says he enjoys being a grandma’s boy.

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