COVID-19 Virtual Town Hall With NY Representatives


(WFXV-TV) — On Tuesday, Upstate Congressional Delegates hosted a virtual town hall meeting on the COVID-19 pandemic. Of the eight representatives that participated, Anthony Brindisi and Antonio Delgado talked about the importance of small business loans and using technology to avoid spreading the disease in the future.

New York is the epicenter of this pandemic so the intention of congress is not being followed through right now by the small business administration and treasury. We have to make sure that, that happens. That can be accomplished thorugh greater oversight in Congress and there are committees established to provide oversight, but we also have to be wise here whe we appropiate funding. We have to put more restrictions in place to make sure that funding is getting to the places that need it most.” – Rep. Anthony Brindisi (D) NY-22

“We are able as displayed here this evening to do some pretty extraordinary things with the technology that we have. So we’d be wise to consider how to implement that technology for the benefit of the whole and to act as efficiently as possible.” – Rep. Antonio Delgado (D) NY-19

Other major talking points included getting student loan relief and forbearance and broadband connection issues in rural communities.

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