COVID-19 Positives Skyrocket at SUNY Oneonta: Over 300 Confirmed Cases


ONEONTA, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — Right now, the situation on SUNY Oneonta’s campus has been developing for over a week and came to a climax today with an announcement from the new SUNY Chancellor that the school is shutting down.

Chancellor Malatras shared the news this afternoon. Classes on Friday were cancelled to allow time for students to pack their things and leave the campus. As of Thursday afternoon, just under 400 positive test results had been received for students at this school, 107 on Wednesday alone.

Otsego County health officials have stated that the student infection rate is between 10 and 13 percent. This past Sunday, Malatras made an emergency visit to Oneonta and announced that the school was going on a two week suspension of in person classes.

Since Monday, over three hundred positive test results among students were reported. The impact on the Oneonta community will be devastating. The combined student population of the two colleges in Oneonta equals half the city’s population. As for the other college, Hartwick, there have been less than 10 cases reported.

In part of a statement from the president of SUNY Oneonta, Barbara Jean Morris, it reads, “Although this situation is unsettling, I must ask for patience and cooperation from students and families as we work to help students get home to resume remote learning as safely and quickly as possible.” – Barbara Jean Morris, President of SUNY Oneonta

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