COVID-19 Daily Briefing in Oneida County: Monday, July 13th, Early Edition


ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — During Monday’s press conference Governor Cuomo said on Sunday the state has a total of 792 hospitalizations, which is the lowest we’ve seen since March 18th. Also on Sunday, there were 10 more COVID-19 related deaths with a 3-day average being 7 deaths per day. In the Mohawk Valley, the rate of transmission is .8%.

On Sunday New York tested 51,687 residents for the virus and roughly 1% came back positive. Cuomo says that the state’s numbers proves that the reopening strategy has worked. We anticipated a spike in the number of new positive cases after phased reopenings, but it’s they’ve substantially decreased.

Cuomo also discussed reopening schools and suggested that it’s similar to reopening the economy. The state has created a formula that schools must follow in order to reopen in the fall. The formula states that schools can reopen if that region is in phase 4 and the daily infection rate remains 5% or lower over a 14 day average, since the UNPause was lifted. 

The decision will be made during the first week of August. Cuomo says that schools will close if the regional infection rate is greater than 9% using a 7 day average after August 1st. Schools that do reopen must adhere to the state’s guidelines. 

Overall, the state’s numbers are good but Cuomo says we now have 2 major concerns. The first being lack of compliance. He says that local governments must hold residents responsible for complying with executive orders. The second is the risk of travelers from states with high infection rates, coming to New York and bringing the virus with them. Cuomo says this would be a huge risk to the state and could undo all of our progress. 39 states have an increase in positive COVID-19 cases. 

Today Cuomo announced an emergency health order mandate. All out of state travelers from designated states with high infection rates must provide local authorities with contact information upon entering New York state. Every airport will be enforcing this order. Violators could face a $2,000 fine and court appearance requiring them to fill out the necessary paperwork. 

It has been 111 days since the state’s first positive cases of Coronavirus. Cuomo says we must stay diligent and hold ourselves accountable and do our part to help keep the virus under control. 

More COVID-19 updates will be in the Monday evening daily.

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