Continuous push for bail reform


New York State Senator, Joseph Griffo, was joined by law enforcement and Oneida County District Attorney, Scott Mcnamara, to push for changes in bail reform.

The bail reform was a part of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s 2020 budget for criminal justice reform.The press conference held was on the same day as Cuomo’s 2021 budget report.

Officials say all parties need to be included in the decision making process and that they are not fear mongers, “Before this passed and then after it passed and then before it went into law on January 1st, I had fear. I wasn’t fear mongering, I had fear. I had fear that it’s going to affect the safety of our county, I had fear that it was going to affect our ability to solve crime,” Oneida County District Attorney Scott Mcnamara.

In Cuomo’s 2021 budget address, he did not propose any plans to amend bail reform.

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