Construction in Clinton set to begin


Starting tomorrow College Street in Clinton will be undergoing construction.

“Our maintenance folks will be doing some paving work through 12B between 412 and West Park Row,” said Jim Piccola, New York State Department of Transportation spokesman.

From West Park Row over to Franklin, Piccola said College Street is in need of re-paving.

“If you look, you can see some of the rudding going on, especially down on this end near 412,” he said. “What they’ll do is a full depth cut into the pavement, restore that area and then come back and do a resurfacing over the top.”

As for traffic, parking will be restricted but people will still be able to drive through the area. Though you may want to give yourself extra time for your commute.

“If you can avoid it, that’s fine. But if you have to get through here you will have probably minor delays when you’re going through,” Piccola said.

Ultimately the goal is to repair now in preparation of damage that can happen during the winter.

“It’s definitely going to make a difference, those areas that are pretty rough, especially after you go through the winter season with the freeze-thaw,” Piccola said. “Come spring, it’s not going to be nearly as bad as it would be if we didn’t address that now.”

Weather permitting, this project should be completed within two weeks.

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