Construction continues on Susquehnna SPCA’s future home


COOPERSTOWN, NY (WUTR-TV) — Construction is in full motion on the new home for the animals at Susquehanna SPCA.

“Its going to be absolutely the best animal shelter you will ever be in,” says Stacie Haynes, Executive Director for Susquehanna SPCA. The best part…the shelter isn’t moving far. The new location is just a mile down the road at 5082 State Highway 28, Cooperstown. “It may not be as much square footage then what we have now, but the real key is that it’s been purposely designed to be an animal shelter our current facility is an old motorcycle shop so it was really never intended logistically to house animals and then on top of it ventilation proper plumbing sometimes we have 100 animals under the roof.”

This is a $5 million dollar project. New York State provided $500,000 toward the project. So far the shelter has raised $4.3 million. “The community has really spoken, they continue to support us — not only our shelter construction began and is in full motion right now. We have footers, and a foundation, piping and wiring started but we also have our thrift store started,” says Haynes. The New Leash on Life Thrift Store is right next to the shelter. Originally, Stacie wasn’t sure if the thrift store would be able to move,but after more months of planning and more funding, it was feasible.

Covid-19 put a delay on construction, but the pandemic actually helped the shelter out too. Adoption rates are up! “People are home, and they have a better opportunity to meet animals when they come visit us its been a really positive affect on our animals,” says Haynes.

The current building where the shelter is on the market. The new building is expected to be complete with all the animals moved in by this time next week. Stacie hopes the facility will be fully operating by next spring.

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