CONLEY RETRIAL: Kaitlyn Conley Found Guilty of Manslaughter


A jury of her peers  found Kaitlyn Conley not guilty of the top charge on her indictment, which was second degree murder. And when considering the lesser included charge of manslaughter in the first degree, the jury found Conley guilty. 

What started as an afternoon of divided jurors has now ended in a conviction.

“Kaitlyn A. Conley, guilty of the lesser included offense of manslaughter in the first degree,” the court clerk announced. 

It was an unexpected turn after jury deliberations hit a speed bump mid-day with a note indicating they were deadlocked.  

“The note reads, hung jury. Returned from lunch with same verdict they left with,” Judge Michael Dwyer reach aloud. 

Assistant District Attorney, Laurie Lisi, said it was the two charges that were confusing the jury.

“I think they struggled with intent to harm versus intent to kill. And I think that’s why we have the verdict that we have,” Lisi said. 

The jury was read the Allen Charge, told to start from square one. And just as the day was reaching it’s end, a verdict emerged. 

“It’s a long time coming. I think they worked really hard. Clearly they had issues with the intent with murder,” Lisi said.

From here, Conley will face the judge again to hear her sentence. 

“Yeah, he’s going to listen to everybody’s arguments at the time of sentencing and the victim’s family will have a chance to speak. I mean, it’s manslaughter first she took a life,” Lisi said. 

But her attorney said the defense has other plans for Conley’s future. 

“Oh yeah, she’ll appeal this,” said Frank Policelli, Conley’s Defense Attorney. 

And in the midst of it all, Oneida County Sheriff’s Investigator, Mark VanNammee, said he hopes the verdict brings closure to the family of Dr. Mary Yoder.

“She was the true victim and it’s such a shame that her life got cut short,” VanNamee said. 

Conley’s bail has been revoked and she will return to court for sentencing on January 11.

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