CONLEY RETRIAL DAY 8: The interview when Conley goes from witness to suspect


Day eight of the Kaitlyn Conley murder retrial reveals details of an interview where Conley went from witness to suspect. Conley is accused of poisoning her boss, Dr. Mary Yoder, to death, with the toxin, colchicine.

The first witness to be called to the stand was Amy Nestlerode. She tested the glass vial of colchicine for DNA profiles. Using comparative samples from Kailtyn Conley, Adam Yoder and William Yoder, she finds that Adam’s DNA was excluded and William’s results came back inconclusive. But there was a clear match to another person. 

“Kaitlyn Conley cannot be excluded as the donor of the major component of the DNA profile obtained from the vial,” Nestlerode said. 

Conley later became a suspect in the case of Mary Yoder’s death when investigator Mark VanNamee interviewed her for the third time in December. This is when Conley admitted to writing the anonymous letters pointing to Adam Yoder as the person who killed Dr. Mary Yoder. VanNamee recalls asking Conley about the email on the receipt used to purchase the colchicine.
Originally, Conley told him she’d never seen that account. 
But now, VanNamee said, she started to get nervous when he brought it up.

“She had told me that in late November (2015), she remembers deleting something off her phone that had looked like that email address that I had showed her,” VanNamee said. 

VanNamee said Conley continued to distance herself from this email, even though he never told her the significance of it. 

“Because it’s another thing that connects me,” Conley said. 

“Connects you to what? It’s an email account,” VanNamee asked.

“To Adam, to everything, to the office,” Conley said. 

VanNamee asked Conley why Adam would keep the colchicine in his car, directly linking him to the crime. 

“I think he would keep it if he wanted to use it for someone else,” Conley said.

But VanNamee stressed that men don’t leave a murder weapon on their person. 

“Right but guys also don’t use poison,” Conley said.

“A lof of them do,” VanNamee said. 

“They say it’s a lady’s weapon,” Conley said.


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