CONLEY RETRIAL DAY 15: First Full Day of Deliberations


Jurors hit the ground running today by sending back three notes to Judge Michael Dwyer.
It took nearly an hour for the jury to come forward with its first note–Dwyer said it was a lengthy one.

Jurors wanted further information on Adam Yoder’s testimony, the notes on Kaitlyn Conley’s cellphone, the Alpha Brain supplements, and Conley’s interrogation videos. But Dwyer tells them they need to be more specific with their requests. He said they have free reign to revisit anything from the trial

“If you want, all of the evidence can be sent into the jury room for you to look at,” Dwyer said it.
But when it comes to facts not presented during testimony, Dwyer draws the line–turning down a request to reveal Conley’s college major. Dwyer said it’s only evident that she was a student at SUNY POLY and Utica College.

The jury returns to the courtroom with a clarification note–looking more specifically for testimony on the lethal doses of colchicine, texts between Adam and Conley during the time Mary got sick, and the December 21 interview between Conley and Investigator Mark VanNamee.

The court spent the majority of the day watching this video, where Conley points the finger at Adam as the person who poisoned his mother…but Bonley tells VanNamee that aam could be pinning the crime on her.

“Who did he make look like did this,” VanNamee said.
“I’m afraid he put it back on me,” Conley said.

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