CONLEY RETRIAL DAY 12: Who purchased the prepaid cards used to buy the toxin?


Week three of the Kaitlyn Conley murder retrial is underway. Once again eyes shifting to the fatal dosage of Cholchicine and the moment investigators found out how it was purchased.

In February of 2016, Kaitlyn Conley was brought into The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office for her fourth interview. The courtroom sat through the condensed version of that six-hour video today.

Investigator Mark VanNamee told Conley they’ve reached their big break in the case of Dr. Mary Yoder’s death. VanNamee brings two blank DVDs into the interrogation room and tells Conley they’re subpoenaed videos from Hannaford Supermarket…the store where the two prepaid cards used to purchase the colchicine were bought.

“Who is not on those DVDs? That’s not Adam. Who purchases the prepaid cards,” VanNamee asks Conley in the video.
“I got them,” Conley said.

Conley admitted to buying the two cards, but as a gift. VanNamee told Conley that one of those cards was used to buy the colchicine two days after it was loaded at the market. But Conley denies having used the cards at all. VanNamee said investigators have determined whoever bought  the prepaid cards must have bought the toxin that killed Mary.

“That’s an easy two dots to connect,” VanNamee said.
“You’re connecting the wrong things then,” Conley said.

VanNamee told Conley about the CamScanner documents retrieved from her phone. It includes the letter of intent and the tax forms used to buy the Colchcine. Again, Conley denies having been involved, saying, it must have been Adam Yoder, Mary Yoder’s son and also her ex.

“If everything was attached to my phone and I knew it, I would have gotten rid of it,” Conley said.

VanNamee showed Conley the partially downloaded PDF of the anonymous letter recovered from the computer at the Chiropractic Family Care Office, where she worked as a receptionist. Conley said that’s not her letter, she sent the letters in September. But VanNamee said this isn’t possible, since the investigation hadn’t been opened until October.

“Right, which is why I wasn’t sure where to send it,” Conley said.

The defense, pointing to the lies investigators told Conley during this interview, to get out what they believe is the truth.

“And you believe the truth was that she killed Mary Yoder right,” Frank Policelli, Conley’s Defense Attorney, asked.
“Are you asking me for my opinion,” VanNamee said.
“I’m asking that’s what you were thinking at the time of interrogating her right,” Policelli said.
Absolutley,” VanNamee said.

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