Congressman Brindisi holds townhall meeting in North Utica


The North Utica Senior Citizens Center held a community meeting with Congressman Anthony Brindisi to discuss issues for residents in the Mohawk Valley. This gathering is a part of the ongoing townhall meetings with Brindisi and communities throughout the 22nd district. Brindisi shared highlights on bills passed in Washington from last year, and residents shared their opinions and concerns.

“This meeting was geared towards older Americans. And, a lot of issues came up around Medicare and social security and prescription drugs, so it was good to get their feedback and be able to talk to them about some of the bills that we’ve passed in the House of Representatives.” – Rep. Anthony Brindisi, (NY-22)

Of the topics discussed, the rising costs of prescription drugs was one of their greatest concerns.

“I was happy to hear their concerns about the cost of prescription drugs and it gave me a chance to talk about the legislation that I voted for in the House at the end of last year, which would lower drug prices. It would allow Medicare to negotiate with the drug companies to get better proces for everybody. It would cap out of pocket expenses, so that’s a bill we passed in the House and we want the Senate to take that bill up so we can provide some relief to people who are struggling to pay for their precription drugs.” – Rep. Anthony Brindisi, (NY-22)

The Congressman says that having these open discussions with the community ensures that their voices are heard in washington. Last year Brindisi attended townhall meetings in every county in the 22nd district and this year he’s hoping to do it again.

“I’m very adament that we have to do townhall meetings and I want to give people an opportunity to be heard and some times we agree and some times we disagree but I think people walk away with a feeling that they’ve been heard.” – Rep. Anthony Brindisi, (NY-22)

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