Monday’s school board’s workshop featured educators from across Oneida Madison and Herkimer counties. And among several questions raised, common core remains a top concern.

Congressional Candidate Martin Babinec says, “I am a believer that how that has played out in New York State it’s probably worked to the detriment of our local school systems and our teachers, removing the necessary flexibility for them to adapt to the conditions they see on the ground in the classroom.”

Democratic Candidate Kim Myers says one of her top concerns is poverty, and from her work in Broome County on the Child Hunger Task Force, her goal is to make sure every student gets the nutrition they need to perform in the classroom.

Kim Myers adds, “15.8 million children suffer from food insecurity. it’s a euphemism for they don’t know where their next meal is coming from. We work hard in our community and our schools, with backpack programs to send food home for students over the weekend, make sure they get breakfast in the classroom, get lunch because sometimes those are the most important and only meals that these children get.”

New Hartford Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney says among her priorities is limiting the federal governments mandates over teachers in her district.

Tenney adds, “To me, tests like that are tools for teachers to teach students, not something to assess a teacher by. If they are going to be teaching our children, they need the tools, they need the support of our communities, the support of our school districts. They are professionals and they need to be treated that way.”