Congress Introduces Bills to Tackle Internet Piracy


As a way to tackle internet piracy Congress has introducedtwo new bills that would protect the rights of film companies and music labels.

But, companies like Google and Facebook are saying these bills can potentiallylead to internet censorship.

The two bills, called the stop Internet Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act willallow the government to shut down websites that violate copyright laws.

But, some Internet companies say that these bills will betray U.S. Policy andadvocacy of internet freedom.

The Internet website, Tumblr says it will be the same censorship system asChina and Iran.
Some Central New Yorkers have mixed emotions about the proposed bills.

“Any kind of artist… They have to make a living in doing so.. If their art istaken for free where does it leave them,” says Cazenova resident, Aaron Hopkins.

“the Internet’s purpose is to look up and do whatever you want. I think it’s upto the artist,” says 17-year-old Devin Korie.

Critics say they fear the proposed bills will go after websites that do notsell or illegally broadcast content, like YouTube that hosts an array ofcontent by its users.

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