Community gathers in Herkimer for Take Back the Night

Community gathers in Herkimer for Take Back the Night_59281643624221973

Take Back the Night isn’t just something that happens in Central New York.

It’s been going on around the country since the mid-seventies to get the community to speak out against different forms of violence.

“It’s amazing the stories you hear, and sometimes we think to ourselves, that happens in New York City, Boston, Or Los Angeles. But, there are think that happen right here in our own backyards,” said Paul Whitney.

For Paul, it’s something about events like Take Back the Night that keep him coming back.

Each time he goes, Paul says he’s taken one ore step in raising awareness.

“It’s a very positive thing for people to get together and go after this problem, and it shows real energy,” said Whitney.

Sometimes the topic can be one that’s hushed or pushed under the table, but on Thursday night, it was heard loud and proud.

“They see that there are people who will stand up for it and people who will walk out in public with it and not be afraid of it,” said Advocate Jennifer Nobles.

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