Community Fridge in Herkimer


(Herkimer, NY), A community fridge that started in Utica is now up and running in Herkimer. It is open 24/7 to the public.

“It’s stocked by a core group of volunteers. Some days it is the people who come to take food, they actually bring something with them and stock it while they’re here. But as far as making sure it’s maintained and stocked, it’s a group of volunteers which including myself and about seven other people.” —Troy Lockwood, volunteer

Lockwood got the idea to open the fridge in Herkimer because of his volunteer work with the fridge in Utica located at Oneida Square.

“I found myself there like three to four days a week sometimes, driving back and forth. And you know in early January, the idea of forming one in Herkimer was kind of just brought up. Just in like a conversation with a couple friends.”

He started looking for places that would be willing to offer space. After almost two months of searching, he found Utica Hemp Company of Herkimer.

“We all live in the area kind of and we come to make sure that it’s cleaned and stocked. I come here a few times a day usually since it’s been open.”

The fridge has been open for just a couple days now and they’ve been able to keep it stocked with donations. Lockwood and his friends are not a part of any organization, just a group of people wanting to lend a helping hand.

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