Comets Fans Prepare for Fan Face-Off


The hockey season is right around the corner.  But that doesn’t mean comets fans are sitting back and waiting–they’re already preparing.

There’s not denying it–Utica Comets fans are the best around. They sell out games, they wait in line for tickets.

“It’s just fun to see and meet new people around here. And talk to some comets fans.”
And they’re not afraid of a blizzard or two.  But even though the Aud is quiet–that doesn’t mean fans are hibernating.

“The day after the Calder Cup was over was the first call to the comets to see if we the fans could actually do this kind of event,” says Dave Behr, event coordinator.

On October 3, Utica Comets fans will take over Tony’s Audelicious for the Fan Face-Off–a completely fan-sponsored event to kick off the season.

“That energy that we had last year we want to start that off the same way this year.  Basically start right where we left off and let’s pick it up from there as far as the energy that the fans have, the pride that they have in this area for this team and things of that nature.  Let’s just kick it off one more time,” Behr says.

Each person that pays for the $15 admission will receive a commemorative cup and shirt–and there will even be some surprises along the way.  And it all takes place right at the beginning of every hockey fans’ favorite month of the year.

“October is hockey month around here.  It brings back hockey.  I jump up and down because I’m a hockey fan.  Hockey’s back in Utica so we have to get excited for it,” says Jennifer Gagnon, event coordinator.

If you would like to attend the Fan Face-Off it will be on Saturday, October 3 from 1 to 5 p.m.  Tickets are available from now until September 18 at

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