Video One: The Utica Comets had another successful week as they grabbed two out of a possible three wins. We broke down what went right, and continued to marvel in awe at Thatcher Demko’s impressive run. If that wasn’t enough Andy Zilch explained the difference between an ATO and a PTO.

Video Two: Comets’ forward Jake Virtanen stopped by to discuss what it was like for him during the 2014 NHL draft. Just to jog your memory that was the year he was selected 6th overall by the Vancouver Canucks. It was then time to press him on what it was like to grow up as a hockey standout, and when he realized he could possibly make a living playing professional hockey.

Video Three: Jake Virtanen stuck around through the break to finish up his two part interview. During this stretch Virtanen revealed the challenges of adapting to the AHL level, and how he looks at his young career thus far.

Video Four: No show would be complete without a look at the upcoming schedule. Rather than just breakdown the next three matches, we instead took it a step further.