College Graduates Celebrated with a Caravan


More than 250 on point students from the Central New York area earned their degree this May. But due to the pandemic, the students were not able to have a normal commencement ceremony. Today they were celebrated with a caravan of staff from On-Point for College along with the Utica Police and Fire Department.

On-Point for College is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1999. The organization works to help first generation students access and succeed in college and careers.

“It was kind of disappointing at first being the first generation graduating and not being able to walk the stage and having my parents be able to see me walk the stage that was pretty hard but by On-Point coming and parading it made it feel a little more special.”—Moo Toh Taw, SUNY-Albany Graduate

Taw says the program helped her in many ways, “I was unable to buy books they helped me with books and I was able to purchase books because of them. They helped me in other ways such as going to see college tours for the upcoming two years that I had left. They also did orientations for us where they gave us college do’s and don’ts…”

She is proud of what she has been able to accomplish and wants to continue to make her parents proud.

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