Claudia Tenney Getting Ready for Congress


Republican Congresswoman-elect, Claudia Tenney is getting ready to represent our district under the leadership of a Republican President.

” This is a really historic situation where we have— I’m a Republican majority member from my district. We also have the first Republican President from New York since Teddy Roosevelt, who’s very aggressive,” said Tenney.” He is really a man of action whether you like him or not, and I think that is really going to bode well in our district.”

Tenney says when she takes office, she is going to aggressively push for the issues she stood for during her campaign.

” And that’s reducing taxes, reducing regulations, and repealing Obamacare and finding a consumer driven model for health care that helps our small business community that increases the quality of healthcare that our employees actually receive. Not just something that is going through the healthcare exchanges which are just really expensive health care that’s not what we had before. it’s not at the same level, and I think that those are really exciting challenges and the President-elect and the new members of congress are moving aggressively on those issues,” said Tenney.
Tenney is the first woman to represent Central New York in the House of Representatives, and is also one of the few female Republicans.
” I think that is important that there are women Republicans. And I think I’m going to represent that part of Congress— there are only 22 women in the Republican side. I think I’m going to be a champion, not only of NY 22, but of also women Republicans across the nation. I think they are looking for leadership too. So, I think that’s one of the reasons this is really exciting. I’m actually getting recognized and appreciated for being a woman republican in office, which I don’t think I was really ever appreciated for it in Albany to be quite honest, Tenney explained.”
Tenney will be sworn into office on January 3rd. She is replacing Republican Congressman Richard Hanna. 

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