Changes for the town of New Hartford?


The building where the former Gander Mountain building was may be empty right now but the town of New Hartford is trying to make it the home to its municipal offices.

“At the end of the day it’s a big cost to be all over town as a municipality. If we we’re all consolidated into one unit, it would save us a lot of money over time,” said Paul Miscione, the New Hartford Town Supervisor. 

The unit Miscione has his eye on is the former Gander Mountain building. It’s been vacant since the company filed for bankruptcy last year. Right now, the property is on the market for $2.5 million…a price Miscione is confident the town can lower and if not, match. 

“If you move, you’re saving all of the expenses because we pay out a lot of rent in different buildings, we don’t own any of the buildings that we’re renting. Also, we will save on the cost of utilities, and also we’ll have a property that the town could sell,” Miscione said. 

The town spends over $200,000 on rent and services per year. Instead, the lot could be the host for the town hall, records centers and the police station. But there’s one particular entity that needs improvements.

“On a given court night, they use about 130 parking spots which currently now, fills our police department area and then what happens is our overflow, they park in Hannafords parking lot,” Miscione said. 

Miscione brought the idea to the town board two weeks ago. And while they may approve, another shop may be holding them back. 

“So when Kohl’s went in, usually big box retails stores put in deed restrictions, so they keep traffic flowing through their development,” Miscione said. 

Still, Miscione explains the town buildings will bring just as much traffic as the other businesses in that plaza. 

“We’ll probably make an offer on the building at some point in the next meeting or so,” Miscione said. 

The board is meeting tonight and it could possibly end with a letter of intent.

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