Centro Hub in Utica officially opens to bus riders

Centro Hub in Utica officially opens to bus riders _-8571646106289616053

What used to be five Centro bus stops on Genesee Street indowntown Utica is officially no more.

Instead, commuters who would usually catch the bus at FranklinSquare, Lafayette Street, Elizabeth Street and stops in front of APAC and the RadissonHotel will be getting on at the new bus hub on Elizabeth Street.

With weather like today, many riders say they’re glad tohave a place to wait inside for their next bus.

“It gives the people the opportunity to sit here andwait for the bus. This weather in Utica is horrible snowing all day. Like I’mdoing right now I’m just waiting for the bus,” said commuter George Weah.

 “It’s a good idea butI don’t know because the old people can’t walk from Genesee Street. I thinkthey should have built it in a different section though,” said Troy Janicke.

Officials say with the new hub, it will be safer forpassengers who crossed four lanes of traffic on Genesee Street.

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