Celebrate the American harvest with ‘Dine Out for Farms’ this October

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From Green Right Now Reports

Over at the American Farmland Trust, they understand that the way to our hearts is through our stomachs. So get ready to lick your chops over grass-fed beef, braised fall vegetables and “seasonal” cocktails.

In their continuing effort to help Americans understand that farms produce food — and that family farms produce fresh, local, wholesome food — the braintrust at Farmland Trust is unveiling “Dine Out for Farms” week.

Red Devon restaurant, Hudson Valley, N.Y.

During the inaugural celebration, set for Oct. 10-16, the Farmland Trust will spotlight its seven founder’s circle of restaurants that support sustainable, smaller scale farming. Those restaurants are sprinkled across the country and include the flagship Founding Farmers eatery in Washington D.C., which is owned by a cooperative of farmers. Founding Farmers is no biscuits-and-gravy dive, but a chef-run uptown bistro offering sophisticated takes on farm favorites, from flatiron steaks topped with herb butters to vegan sandwiches and salads endowed with beets, asparagus and candied pecans.

Farmland hopes many more restaurants across the country will participate in Dine Out for Farms, by signing up online and pledging their support to family farmers. Those that sign up will be promoted by the Farmland Trust throughout the year.

More than 30 restaurants are on board already, from the Salt Air in Rehoboth Beach, Del., to Galletto’s Ristorante in Modesto, Calif..  Other dining spots can be found in cities such as Bowling Green, Kty., Des Moines, Pittsburgh and Vancouver, Wash.

Diners who want to show their support can find participating restaurants on the website. There’s also a page where dining enthusiasts can invite their favorite restaurant to participate, encouraging them to join the movement to support local farms.

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