UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – Carmen Caramanica, a Utica guitarist and musician published a new book featuring his fruitful career producing music for multiple popular television shows.

“I have had quite an interesting life as a musician. From where I started it out as a local musician, a band called ‘Fuel’ in the early 70s. And then I went on the road with major stars like Blue Whales, Tony Orlando, Raquel Welch. And I did Television production, movie scores, and all that. And so when I would tell people of these experiences, they said you know you should really write a book! So that’s what I did! I wrote a book,” he said.

For readers, this book not only features his interesting journey with numerous celebrities but also provides a unique perspective for people to learn about a self-taught musician’s career path.

“I started playing the guitar when I was in the hospital with a hip injury when I was 10. And they decided to give me some guitar lessons to keep me out of trouble. And that’s how I get started. And then the rest of it I learned on my own.” he said.

“Today we had the internet but back then we didn’t have such. So we went to the library and got music books. I had a couple of friends who were music teachers so I asked them questions. I guess I became kind of a pest. But the bottom line is that if you want something bad enough you can find a way to learn it,” he said.

At about 14, he started teaching lessons and has been doing so ever since. Before retirement, he holds lessons in his studio at 52 Genesee St. in New Hartford with 30 music teachers.

Although he traveled around the country, he still chose to stick around Utica. “I had many opportunities when I could have gone to other places. And a lot of people said I should have. But my family is still here and that was the main reason I didn’t go. I was still able to fly to where I need to go but this is still home,” he said.