Build A Bike collecting new & used bikes to give away to youth in community

Build A Bike collecting new & used bikes to give away to youth in community_4546291986007476304

One Central New York organization called Build A Bike iscollecting new and used bikes, all for a good cause.

Build A Bike collects those bikes to repair and refurbishthem and then give them away  to help outyoung people in our community.

It’s crunch time for David Buck, the Build A BikeCoordinator.

“Today we just took in a shipment of over 500 bikehelmets,” said Buck.

The Build A Bike event is just over a week away now andthey’re still asking for the community’s help.

“You look at the economy and tough times and you haveto make a decision as a parent or caregiver. You have to make a decision of do Iput food on the table or buy a bike. Those tough choices are made by parentsand guardians these days,” said Buck.

This will be Build A Bike’s seventh annual event.

David says the non-profit organization’s mission has grownsignificantly through the years.

Build A Bike started with a mere 25 bikes and last year alonegave away over 500 bikes to children.

“We fix them get them refurbished and get them ready togo. And a day in April on April 28th at the Utica Auditorium we will give themaway for needy children in the community,” explained Buck.

And all at no cost.

“It’s being able to look at a kid and seeing a smile ontheir face when they get that new bike. I remember as a kid everybody youtalked to you remember when you get your first bike. You always remember yourbike,” said Buck.

This year’s goal is to give away 600 bikes.

They’ve received that many.

But David says it takes about 900 bike pieces and parts togive away 600 full bikes.

“Some of the bikes that come in, they don’t have theright parts and some may be older so it’s hard to get parts. To keep the costsdown we take parts from one bike to work on another,” explained Buck.

The Build A Bike event will take place next week on Saturday.

David says if you want to get involved, they’re alwayslooking for volunteers for the event.If you would like to donate a new or used bike or bike parts, head over to Build A Bike’s website:

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