Budget room for new top job in Otsego County


Preliminary $75k allotment for administrator role

COOPERSTOWN–Nearly two years after Otsego County officials engaged in modern talks to find a proper role for the county’s top governmental position, funding has been preliminary set aside in the budget for one.

County Board of Representatives Chairman David Bliss says $75,000 has been allotted for a County Administrator role in the 2020 budget.

Bliss says the funding would cover half a year’s salary and benefits for the position.

The budget is expected to be finalized and voted on in December by the full board of representatives.

Creation of the position still needs full board approval.

The county’s previous annual estimate to fund a county administrator office was around $200,000; including a secretary.

The board’s Intergovernmental Affairs Committee was tasked to research, and recommend whether a county administrator, executive or another role would best fit the existing municipal structure.

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