Buckley Pool to Reopen Today

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After uncertainty about repairs following a brief closure, Buckley Pool in East Utica will reopen this afternoon at approximately one.

The pool temporarily closed Tuesday, July 17th due to a broken pump.

City officials were unsure whether they could afford to have the pump fixed and there were talks of closing the pool for the summer.

But because of donations from private citizens and the Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties, the pool will reopen as early as Wednesday, said Mayor Robert Palmieri at a news conference Thursday.

“We were at a low point yesterday and now it’s completely reversed,” Palmieri said.

The Herkimer and Oneida County Foundations and private citizens pledged to raise $15,000 to fix-up.

Local union electricians say donate time to help fix the pump and electrical issues.

“It’s a beautiful thing and Utica comes together as usual, Brown said.

Brown says the Addison Miller pool in West Utica and Seymour pool in North Utica pools have remained open during this time, as will sprayers at Wankel, Quinn and Pixley parks.

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