Brindisi Writes to New Education Commissioner


The new State Education Commissioner has already received calls for change from a local Assemblyman.

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi,  has written to the State’s New Education Commissioner, Maryellen Elia, asking her to support a revision of the State’s school aid formula so it reflects the income level of residents, and the needs of the schools in individual districts.
    The commissioner says she is looking forward to meeting with Brindisi and others to discuss changes in     several issues in public education.  

“I have not received (the letter)  yet, and certainly we will get a hold of assemblyman Brindisi when we get it, and talk through some of the issues with him. And i’m sure that as we bring those things forward, he will be able to take leadership in the assembly on that issue.

Elia is set to visit Utica area school districts next week.

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