Brindisi Talks Coronavirus Relief


The public transit systems has seen a decline in ridership over the last couple of months due to the pandemic keeping people in their homes. However, they still have operating expenses.

Congressman Anthony Brindisi says it is important to have a strong transit system ready to go as places start to re-open for those who utilize the service. He secured $28 million in federal funding allocated by the federal transit authority.

“This money can be used to help people who need assistance with rides. It can be used for operating expenses for the transit authority; if they have to purchase new buses, it can be used for that. So as long as it’s being used to help people get to and from their doctor appointments, school if necessary jobs, things like that then this money would be available.” —Brindisi

In addition, there has been a lot of discussion about a second Coronavirus relief package, known as the HEROES Act. The three trillion dollar bill would include a second stimulus check for all dependents and hazard pay to front line workers.

“The HEROES Act did pass the house, I did support it. Even thought the HEROES Act is not perfect, it does include millions of dollars for our heroes, our front line heroes, our state and our local communities, our hospitals as well as more assistance to small businesses. So right now we are negotiating with the senate on the next aid package and I hope at some point in June we will see more assistance for our state and local communities, our front line workers, our small businesses and we can come to an agreement on the next aid package because clearly more has to be done.”—Brindisi

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