Brindisi demands state of New York to address water quality in Vernon


For the past 10 years, residents in Vernon Center have been struggling with contaminated water. The state of New York is providing these residents with bottled water, but Congressman Anthony Brindisi is demanding answers, “When members of the community are being provided bottled water but no answers, that is a failure of transparency and a failure of basic government.”

It is believed that the former State Department of Transportation Facility in Vernon, that was storage for road salt, could be the reason for the contamination. Brindisi says, “Road salt is widely known to seep into our drinking water through the ground entering our water ways and water supply.”

The Town of Vernon proposed a Public Water Project. Water would be supplied by the Village of Vernon via inter-municipal agreement using water storage tanks. The estimated cost is $8,671,000. If the project is funded by the state and federal government, it would be completed by 2023.

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