Brandon in Court for Hearing on His Request to Withdraw Guilty Plea


UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — Brandon Clark, the man accused of killing 17-yearold Bianca Devins last summer, appeared in Oneida County court today for a hearing to examine his request to withdraw his guilty plea.

Clark still claims he was coerced by his former attorney Luke Nebush into pleading guilty to the charges on February 10, 2020. 3 witnesses testified, Clark, Nebush and public defense attorney Kurt Schultz, who was helping them prepare for trial. Both attorneys said that it was Clark who wanted to take the plea and that they suggested against this, and thought trial was a better route.

“It was Mr. Nebush who wanted to really do everything he could to protect Brandon and his rights as a criminal defendant. I think obviously Mr. Schultz hasn’t had as much contact with Brandon but bore out the same sort of information that look Brandon from the get go, wanted to plead guilty.” – Michael Nolan, Assistant District Attorney Oneida County

Judge Dwyer did not make a decision today on whether or not to accept Clark’s withdraw of his guilty plea.

“I will have a written decision by the date of Friday, October 30th and I will adjourn this matter next until Tuesday, November 10th for either the purpose of sentencing or to further schedule matter in relation to this case.” – Judge Michael Dwyer, Oneida County Court

Bianca’s family attended the hearing, and although losing her was tragic and heart breaking, her grandfather says there’s no hatred towards Clark.

“All I have in my heart is love for Bianca, love and dedication to my family. I’m disgusted by his actions, but no hate.” – Frank Williams, Bianca’s Grandfather

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