Bowers Development continues Utica property remediation, tenancy is not solidified


UTICA–Properties owned by Bowers Development LLC continue to be remediated and renovated, but tenancy agreements have not been finalized.

Bowers Development LLC is among a group of downtown Utica building developers to have recently ‘flipped’ vacant buildings into occupied spaces.

38 new apartment units are planned for Utica’s Kempf building, and the first floor will be allotted for other use, Bowers Development LLC Vice President Mike Licata said.

“Second, third and fourth floors will be residential and the first floor will be retail; maybe office,” Licata said.

Ongoing renovations by Bowers include the Kempf Building, ‘252 Building’ and the New Century Club–all on Genesee Street.

At 252, Licata says “the upper floor is going to be office space. The lower floor is also going to be… retail.”

Earlier this year, Bowers ribbon-cut the formal opening to the ‘Security Building’ along Bleecker Street as Legal Aid established tenancy–an attorney/client service organization.

Due south of the ‘Security Building,’ no tenants have been chosen for 252, Kempf or New Century (where renovations continue), according to Licata.

“We have to work with the tenants’ needs before we can finalize all of the plans,” Licata said.

See the Eyewitness News video report (above) for additional details, and updates on Bowers’ 1900 Bleecker Street partial demo/reno project.

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