Black Friday shopping for families in need


The Oneida Square Project along with Cornerstone Community Church and Plymouth Bethesda United Church of Christ partnered to host a Black Friday sale for families in need.

“This is our seventh year where we have what we call our Black Friday sale. Where we invite families through different social agencies that can identify the families in need to come and shop or their children for Christmas, holidays, whatever it is that they celebrate.” -Diane DiPrimo, Cornerstone Community Church/Plymouth Bethesda Church.

This year they had more than 100 families participate which benefits more than 500 children. Tickets were sold for two dollars with each item costing either one, two or three tickets. Shoppers were able to buy up to three gifts per child. The event allowed families to save around 80% of the retail price. Left over toys are donated to local charities and saved for future events.

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