UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – Utica is continuing to expand as part of Mayor Robert Palmieri’s downtown revitalization efforts. Engineering firm Barton and Loguidice is opening its 16th office in Utica, bringing more jobs to the city.

“There’s 12 employees currently and we’re looking upwards of potentially 30 overall being in this space on the road as we continue to grow,” said John Brusa, President & CEO of Barton and Loguidice.

The over 7,000 square foot office space is located in the newly renovated Utica Travelers Insurance building. The expansion is a result of the firm’s growing staff in the Mohawk Valley region.

“We have many employees here in the mohawk valley its great to have them back here in Utica working in their home town it really helps them with their commute reduces their commute reduces the use of gas also helps reduce carbon emissions related to the commute and helps serve clients with our local presence,” said Brusa.

The new office is located in Baggs Square and is just one of the new additions contributing to the revitalization of downtown.

“Why would a company along these lines look into an older building in a town area. that is the walkability it’s the fact that’s where a lot of the millennials wanna be to have the accessibility fine restaurants coffee shop eateries whatever you’re looking for this downtown area roughly ten years ago was dormant and we have turned the corner tremendously,” said Mayor Robert Palmieri.